Hope Chest

One of my favourite yarn dyers, Sharon of Three Irish Girls, is doing a beautiful thing. A customer and friend of hers lost a child, and Sharon dyed a special limited edition yarn with proceeds going to Share, an organization that helps parents and families who have lost children. She is doing the same this year and I’m passing along the message to other knitters. Personally, I will be buying a few skeins to make a baby blanket.

No, I’m not pregnant.

But one day, I would like to be. And I would like to make beautiful wee things for a child I hope to have and lay them by for when I need them. A hope chest. Not the things I need to fetch a husband or set up housekeeping, but the things I need to be a mother. My family, like so many others, has suffered the loss of children, or the loss of a pregnancy, and I would love to think that if I am fortunate enough to have a child I can wrap him or her in a blanket made by my own hands; a blanket that helped another family who were not as fortunate as I hope to be.

Because if we don’t have hope, what else do we have?