Spring Cleaning

Despite the cliched blanket of snow on the ground, it feels like spring today. The sun was out and I felt like dusting cobwebs out of corners. I swept my room (more out of necessity than any metaphorical repesentation of a new beginning; the kittens have decided that the floor was in need of kitty litter more than the litter box was) and opened my windows. I’ve been working all morning on prep for this week – a test, some lecture notes, powerpoints etc. – but I am incredibly distracted by some old Ambitions sitting in the corner and staring at me pointedly.

Last night I started researching Grad School programs again and, for the first time, truly thought about going back to school sooner rather than later. This greatly upsets my Plan, as my Plan was to get a job and some security, take the time off and get my masters then (preferably the Masters of Arts for Teachers of English at SFU which would require a temporary relocation to Vancouver.) A collegue commented that if I really want my masters, sooner is better than later – more time for return on investment, and better pension contributions. But in reality it’s not the logic and security offered that made me stop ignoring those Ambitions, but rather how much I miss school. Sick, I know, but I actually miss writing essays. Teaching my own classes and not toc-ing right now has made me remember some things I wanted to do as an educator. While I love the idea of a Masters of Arts in English, I don’t think I have anything overly compelling to add to the discourse of literary analysis that I love so much. UBCO offers M. Ed programs that are part time, and I wouldn’t have to take time off work.

Either way, I have time to think and consider because, compuslive planner that I am, I am looking at the 2013-2014 session. Lots of time for research, and pro-con lists. Why do I always make things more difficult for myself?