Food Rules

My parents and I are fastidious, particularly about food. Yeah, lets go with fastidious.

For example, did you know that all salad dressing (including caesar) must be ordered on the side? That you can share milkshakes with people, but never milk? Water must always be ordered with no lemon. Not for sanitary reasons, but because lemons make the water taste weird. Like lemons.

Bananas must always have green on them, or they are doomed to remain uneaten. Chocolate milk goes with breakfast, white milk with dinner. Unless dinner is breakfast. That is, unless dinner or lunch is not a milk meal: eg. Mexican food is a pop meal, but nearly anything with cheese is a milk meal. Except for pizza.

If you are purchasing bulk buns, and you happen to pick up buns that are attached, you must keep both, even if this means you get seven when you wanted six. It’s not the bun’s fault that it was attached; it would be like separating twins. Fruit pie or peach cobbler can be breakfast, but cake cannot.

Don’t even get me started on our non-food related picky-ness. Errr, I mean, fastidiouness.

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