Pirates Vs. Ninjas… Vs. Vikings?

Scene: I wander upstairs, groggy and looking for tea. Mum and Dad are sitting in the kitchen sitting room, watching tv with their cats.

Mum: So, I was thinking that we should start a campaign for Vikings vs. both Pirates AND Ninjas.

Me: Uh. Mum, Vikings are basically a kind of Pirate.

Mum: No, because Pirates are out on the sea but Vikings land their boats.

Me: Yes, and then rape and pillage and plunder. Pirates.

Mum: Yes but Pirates could catch the Vikings. On the sea.

Me: You realise Pirates and Vikings didn’t really exist at the same time, right? When did the Vikings land in North America Mum.

Mum: The 16… err 1400s? 400?

Me: No. 1100. Columbus sailed in 1492. Pirates didn’t really exist until there was a mercantile class, until there was major trade for them to steal and the West Indies were being settled. Like the 15th to 17th century and after. Before then there wasn’t enough seafaring for pirates. Vikings are like proto-pirates.

Dad is chuckling and keeping quiet, playing a game on his phone.

Mum: Yeah well, did Pirates and Ninjas exist in the same time period? *looking all smug*

Me: Yes. Yes they did Mum. Maybe they didn’t meet each other, but yes, the same time.

Mum: I think Dad is going to make crepes for breakfast. Could you get the jam out of the fridge?

Me: /facepalm… Really? You’re losing so you change the sub… I need tea >.<

My Mum really is an intelligent person, but sometimes she just doesn’t think logically.


Gratuitous Kitten Post

I have been a bad pseudo-blogger. I seem to have been busy but with nothing to blog about, lazy about getting knitting pictures taken for projects I wanted to post about, and randomly cranky (I blame the cold, wet weather, blarg.)

So to cheer up this blog, a post about kittens.

My darling kittens are 14 months old. They are sisters from a rescued litter and mummy. They had four brothers (two black, two white) and my Lucy and Maud were the only girls, two adorable grey bits of fluff.

Lucy and Maud at 8 weeks

I love these girls to bits and they provide hours of amusement to myself and my parents. Lucy loves cuddles and Maud loves to play. Lucy particularly enjoys sitting curled up in my hoody while I play computer games.

Lucy loves cuddles.

They love each other so much; they spend hours playing together, and while they often do nap in different chairs or different spots in my room, they sometimes cuddle up together too.

Cuddle sleepy time.

This ridiculous amount of cute overload is not to say that they aren’t troublemakers too. From chewing things (plastics, paper towel, my quilt) to accidentally breaking some of my mother’s glassware, they can be a bit of a pain. So for now enjoy the cute, as I will probably use this blog to vent about their less attractive moments too.

Morning Mummy!