Knitting Knerd

When I told my boyfriend that I was going to start a blog he was so excited, saying “Ooo, I’ll be your first reader!” Despite my assurances that there will likely be many knitterly and other posts he might not be interested in, he said he would always read it. So Jordan, sweetheart, if you’re reading, this is one of the ones you might be bored reading. You’ve been warned.

I have been, for many years, a procrastinator. I have come to accept this fact, but it is also exacerbated by my propensity to be easily distracted by anything pretty and shiny and new. This is especially bad for my knitting. I am currently working on (yet another) shawl for myself, when I really should be finishing my mum’s socks. I love my mother, but unfortunately she is allergic to wool. And I don’t mean she gets itchy with cheap, gross wool, I mean I give her my beautifully fine 100% Merino Malabrigo to hold and she can feel it itchy on her neck. Because I love my mummy, I am knitting her bamboo/nylon socks with yarn she bought last year. I knew it was going to be tight in terms of yardage, but I’m in a situation where the number of rows left to knit far exceeds the yarn with which I can knit those rows. I have to substitute using an acrylic because the only other thing I have in my stash is wool. This whole thing has been frustrating and demoralizing. The shawl is shiny and new, and the yarn is very pretty. Thus, I am working on a shawl instead.

Did I also mention I’m knitting her a silk shawl, I have my own (other) shawl on the needles, a present for my niece, and a vest for myself. All are sitting in knitting limbo. I’m a terrible person.

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